Advancing the rights and opportunities of persons with mental disabilities through quality legal advocacy and education in Massachusetts

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Intake Areas Covered

Intake Areas Covered

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MHLAC may provide representation to people with, or perceived to have, a mental health condition who have legal concerns in the following areas:

Community Based Mental Health Services  

  • DMH Eligibility Denials

  • Access to DMH’s Adult Clinical Community Services (ACCS)

  • Access to MassHealth’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) services

  • Acces to mental health services for DYS involved youth


  • Denial of appropriate educational services to youth under 22 years old confined in a DYS or DMH run facility, county jail, or prison

  • Exclusion from school as a result of school disciplinary action or arrest, including the failure to provide adequate alternative education

  • Discrimination in public schools due to mental health, including failure to provide minimally adequate curriculum and services

  • Restraint and seclusion.

Employment / Insurance

  • Discrimination in employment or workplace benefits

  • Private Disability Insurance (income replacement) - Denial of or termination from short- or long-term disability insurance benefits, where the disability is based on a mental condition

  • Health Insurance - Denial of coverage for mental health services or out-of-network providers.

Family Law

  • Custody of or parenting time to their children

  • Termination or denial of DCF services

Jail and Bridgewater State Hospital

  • Denial of mental health care

  • Restraint and seclusion

Medical Treatment Discrimination

  • Dismissal of physical health concerns by a health provider because of a person’s psychiatric history

  • Allegations of improper disclosure of confidential mental health treatment information

Mental Health Facilities & Emergency Rooms

  • Allegations of mistreatment and rights violations in a hospital emergency room or mental health facility

  • Restraint and seclusion


  • Eviction or threat of eviction from DMH group home (supported housing) settings.

  • Restraint and seclusion.

Pro Se and Informational pamphlets are available online. Go to our Resources tab for both Publications as well as Useful Links. Click here to go directly to the Library page.

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