Advancing the rights and opportunities of persons with mental disabilities through quality legal advocacy and education in Massachusetts

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June 12, 2015 Creative and Comprehensive Advocacy for Parents with Mental Health Needs
February 27, 2015 Navigating the Clinical and Legal Choices of Elders with Mental Issues
June 20, 2014 Beyond the Medical Model: Alternative Approaches to Mental Health and Illness
March 20, 2014 Challenging Assumptions About Violence and Mental Illness
June 7, 2013 Representing Children with Behavioral Needs
April 13, 2013 Mental Health Proceedings: Medical Considerations and Legal Issues
February 1, 2013 Innovative Concepts and Strategies to Enhance Representation of Persons with Mental Health Needs
October 26, 2012 Striving for Stellar Advocacy on Behalf of Children Living with Mental Illness
June 1, 2012 Moving Forward in Representing Persons with Mental Health Needs
February 3, 2012 Keeping Current in Mental Health and the Law
June 10, 2011 Representing Youth With Complex Mental Health Needs
February 4, 2011 Psychiatric Medications Across The Age Spectrum
June 4, 2010 Representing Persons On The Autism Spectrum
March 12, 2010 Refining Representation Of Persons With Mood Disorders
Oct. 9, 2009 Guardianship And Conservatorship: Article V Of The New UPC
May 29, 2009 Cutting Edge Representation For Persons With Mental Illness
Feb. 6, 2009 Applied Science For Lawyers: Neurology And Psychiatry In The Courtroom
Nov. 14, 2008 Better Outcomes For Children And Families With Mental Health Needs
June 6, 2008 Top Notch Representation Of Children And Parents With Mental Illness
Feb. 1, 2008 Critical Components To First-Rate Representation Of Persons With Mental Illness
Dec. 7, 2007 Common Challenges In Mental Health Proceedings: A Program For Judges
Oct. 26, 2007 Conventional And Unconventional Representation Of Persons With Mental Illness
June 1, 2007 Solution-Oriented Representation Of Children And Adolescents With Mental Illness
Feb. 2, 2007 Evolving Approaches To Representing Persons With Mental Illness
Nov. 3, 2006 Representing Children And Parents With Mental Illness West Of Worcester
June 2, 2006 Mastering Mental Health Issues In Juvenile Court
Feb. 3, 2006 State Of The Art Treatment And Representation Of Persons With Mental Illness
June 3, 2005 Maximizing Advocacy On Behalf Of Children With Mental Illness And Learning Disabilities
Jan. 21, 2005 Effective And Zealous Legal Representation: Honing Skills And Creating Strategies On Behalf Of Persons With Mental Illness
June 4, 2004 Representing The Mental Health Client With A Complexity Of Issues
Jan. 30, 2004 Twenty Years Since Rogers: Mental Health Medications And The Law Today
June 2, 2003 Mood And Anxiety Disorders In The Courtroom
Jan. 31, 2003 Representing Parents With Mental Illness In Family Law Cases
May 31, 2002 Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder 101: A Seminar For Lawyers By Doctors
Jan. 25, 2002 Ring Around The Rosey: Legal Representation Of Children With Mental Illness
June 8, 2001 Collaborate Or Collide: Working With Other Professionals To Effectively Represent Persons With Mental Illness
Jan. 29, 2001 Big Changes, New Tactics: Mental Health Lawyering After Commitment Law Reform
Jan. 28, 2000 Deciphering Doctors: Understanding Medication And Effectively Using Medical
June 28, 1999 Commitment Hearings And Medication Options: Beyond Routine Representation of Persons With Mental Illness
March 13, 1998 Mental Health Testimony In The Courtroom

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