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Just for Youth: Advocating for Youths in the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services

3rd Edition Now Available!

This book is for parents, legal guardians (including the Department of Children and Families) and other caregivers of youth in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS) or at risk of entering DYS custody. In addition, we hope that this book can be useful to youth in DYS custody themselves. While the book is written for lay people, it also should be helpful to professionals working in this area including advocates, providers, and administrators.

This book describes the basic steps that a youth typically follows within the DYS system, from the point of arrest until discharge from DYS. The book is focused particularly on the rights of a youth involved with DYS. The book explores two areas closely: 1) mental health/substance abuse services; and 2) education.


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To view one chapter at a time, click the chapter links below.

Cover, Copyright Page, and Preface
Chapter 1: Using this Book to Advocate for Youths Involved with DYS
Chapter 2: Important Terms Used in this Book
Chapter 3: How Youths Become Involved with the Juvenile Justice System
Chapter 4: Prevention
Chapter 5: After the Arrest
Chapter 6: Trial, Adjudication, and Disposition
Chapter 7: Commitment and Assessment
Chapter 8: Classification
Chapter 9: Placement
Chapter 10: Overview of Rights during Confinement
Chapter 11: The Situation for Girls
Chapter 12: Medical Services During Confinement
Chapter 13: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services During Confinement
Chapter 14: Education Services during Confinement
Chapter 15: Special Education Services During Confinement
Chapter 16: Transition Back to the Community
Chapter 17: Grant of Conditional Liberty and Revocation
Chapter 18: Health Insurance and Other Health Care Funding Sources in the Community
Chapter 19: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in the Community
Chapter 20: Education in the Community
Chapter 21: Supervision in the Community
Chapter 22: Discharge from DYS
Chapter 23: Resource Guide
Appendix A - A Table of Selected Legal Provisions Discussed in this Book
Appendix B - A Comparison of DYS Restraint Policy and DEEC Restraint Regulations
Appendix C - Checklists for Families

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